Journaling to change habits

I have noticed something interesting. A few months ago I was trying to change one habit. One that I have always struggled with. I am a night owl and I was trying to become a morning person. There are many reasons for this. One was just to prove to myself that I could do it, mostly I knew that, for me, my days would be more productive, and go more smoothly, if I was up earlier in the morning. I wanted an hour or two in the mornings, before my kids woke up, to exercise, study scriptures, journal, pray, and plan out my day. I knew there would be so many benefits to starting my day intentionally.

I started a journal dedicated to changing this one habit and I wrote in the journal every morning. I recorded my successes and my failures, I kept track of mistakes so that I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. I used the journal to hold myself accountable to my goal. I made rapid progress, I was impressed, and proud of myself. Things were going well. Then, one morning I decided I didn’t need to write in the journal, I’d skip it, just for the day. One day turned into two, then four, a week, two weeks. This morning I realized that I have completely slipped back onto my old habits. Simply because I failed to maintain my new one and hold myself accountable to my goal.

That changes now. Today I am going to quickly read through my journal entries and begin journaling every morning about my sleep habits. I am determined to change this one thing about myself.

I was surprised that journaling, such a simple thing, could have such a huge impact in helping me change my habits.