Cherish Little Moments

Maybe Your Two-Year-Old Just Needs You

I just read this blog post, and it is beautiful. Nearly brought me to tears.

I cannot count the times that I have rushed my children to bed, thinking that I needed some time to myself before I collapsed into bed, tired from a long day. Now I wish I had not rushed bedtime so. I regret all the times that my children went to bed upset because I would not take the extra time to make sure that their needs were met before I left their room for the night.

I am grateful that my children are still small and that I will have time to change my ways and enjoy bedtime a little more, take a little more time, and try not to get annoyed with small requests from my children. They are only small for such a short time, I need to cherish every little moment. I need to rush less, and read to them more, snuggle and play and enjoy every moment that I have with my children. I love them so.

It’s amazing how some days can go by and I look back and realize that I was so caught up in laundry, chores, and a dozen other responsibilities (all of them important and necessary to keep my household running smoothly) that I spent all day telling my sweet girls “sure honey, we’ll do that later.” “I will be there in a few minutes when I’m finished with this.” And then ‘Later’ never came, or a few minutes turned into a few hours as I finished one task and moved on to the next. Then suddenly it’s bedtime, and I’m rushing them to bed and I didn’t spend as much time with them as I wanted to.

I am thankful that there are other days that I don’t seem to get anything done because I spent all day with my kids, talking, laughing, reading stories and playing. I love those days. It can be so hard to find a balance between spending time with my children and getting all the chores done. Maybe someday I will figure it out. 🙂


Crafting with Freezer Paper

I have seen many tutorials online for how to make freezer paper stencils. They are fun and easy to do. I made some really cute shirts for my kids using freezer paper stencils, and I have done a little experimenting with different uses for freezer paper. Here are a few that I have found:

  • Use a craft cutter (such as a Cricut or Silhouette) to cut out freezer paper stencils. I used my Pazzles Inspiration cutter to make stencils and it worked perfectly. I saved time because I wasn’t trying to cut the pattern out by hand, and it turned out perfect, with no mistakes, I’m sure I would have made plenty of mistakes trying to do it by hand.
  • Use freezer paper to hold fabric in place when cutting it with a craft cutter. A lot of craft cutters recommend that you attach your fabric to an iron on webbing or interfacing. If you don’t want to use interfacing, or iron on adhesive, use freezer paper. Lay the fabric on the ironing board and put a piece of freezer paper on top of it, shiny side down. It works best if the freezer paper is just slightly larger than the fabric. Then you use a warm iron and press over the freezer paper until the wax is melted into the fabric and the two pieces are stuck together. Once you are done cutting it out, the paper comes right off. You can also sandwich fabric between two pieces of freezer paper for thicker fabrics.
  • Run it through the printer to make templates that stay put. I was cutting shapes out of some felt one day, and my template that I was using was driving me crazy because it wouldn’t stay put. I cut some freezer paper down to 8.5×11 inches, and ran it through my printer, printing on the non-waxy side. Then I just ironed my template right to the fabric and it stayed put until I was done cutting everything out. It worked perfectly.
  •  You can use the same stencil or template more than once.  They are usually good for 2-3 uses, so if you are making multiples it is not necessary to make a new template or stencil every time.


Things I Never Thought I Would Say #1

As a mom I have said many things that I never could have imagined I would ever say. Kids have a way of doing things you never expect and putting you into situations that you never dreamed you would face. So here are some of the things I never thought I would say:

  • “Girls! Did you just shut your brother in the dryer!?” – I should clarify that they did NOT shut Tank in the dryer. But he loves to play in the dryer and will climb in there any time he finds it open. So when I am in the other room and I hear Princess say ‘Tank is in the dryer’ and then I hear the dryer door close, what else am I supposed to think?
  • “We don’t throw eggs at mommy!” – The twins were probably around one and a half, I was getting dinner ready and had left the fridge open. I guess the girls decided to help me because suddenly an egg splatters at my feet. I look over at the fridge and Princess has an egg in her hand, Cowgirl has one in each hand. I’m lucky that I got them to hand me the eggs nicely or I would have had an even bigger mess to clean up.
  • “Cowgirl! Please don’t count your sisters food! You know she doesn’t like that.” – Cowgirl and Princess are counting everything lately, but when Cowgirl starts counting the food on Princess’s plate there will be a fight. I don’t know why it bothers her so much 🙂
  • “Don’t hit your sister with the alligator!” –
  • “Girls, please don’t step on each other’s tails.”
  • “Don’t step on the clean plates!”
  • “Stop fighting the wall”
  • “I had to fix the wall right there. The kids ate a hole in it.” – This windowsill had no trimming, and it was right at the level of the girls mouths, and they were both teething, one day I walked into the living room and realized that they were both standing there chewing on the edge of the windowsill.
  • “Who threw up in my shoe?”