DIY Baby Wrap

Make your own stretchy baby wrap for $10-$15, no sewing required!

I love my baby wrap, I made it 7 years ago and have used it with 3 babies.  I can’t find the tutorial that I followed at the time, but I’ve found a couple of others that are just like it.

It’s really quite simple, buy a length of Jersey Knit fabric, most people recommend 5 yards, but you can go longer than that if you need more length, I made mine 5 yards but have often wished it was longer, especially when my very tall, broad-shouldered husband wants to wear the baby, the wrap is just not long enough for him.

Jersey knit fabric is usually 48 to 60 inches wide, that’s too wide for a wrap, you want your wrap to be about 24-30 inches wide. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise and cut on the fold so you have two strips of fabric that are 5 yards long (or longer, depending on what length you bought) and 24-30 inches wide. That’s it! Now you have two wraps, I kept one in my house and one in my car until I gave one of them to my Sister-in-law.

Here are a couple of tutorials that include pictures and instructions on how to make the wrap and how to tie it and put your baby in it: here and here.

Stretchy wraps are for front carries only, do not use these to put your baby on your back.