Milk Filter Paper

For any of you that have a flannel board and enjoy making story and play sets to go on it I’ve got a little tip for you.

Buy 15 inch circle non-gauze milk filters, a box of 100 costs about $15 including shipping. You can get them here.

Trim them to 8.5×11 inches.

I use my quilting square and a sharpie to make my rectangle

DSC01524 DSC01525

Then cut them out. I usually hold 2 or 3 together and cut them all out at the same time, or use my rotary cutter to cut through several sheets at once.


Run them through your printer.


Cut out the pieces. They stick right to flannel, felt, fleece, and each other!


I got these awesome printable shapes from, you can download your own here.

I have also printed out just the outline and then colored it in with crayons, colored pencils, and markers, they all work really well.


These are thin for easy storage, and they are super durable. I have made several sets for my girls and they play with them a lot, I have yet to have one of them tear.


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